Modern education for a modern world.

Find a calling; change the world.

Join the Unschooling Revolution!

Join Acton Academy Miami South and lead the Unschooling Revolution! Escape traditional education and take control of your learning journey, fueled by growth, curiosity, and passion.


We cultivate independent thinkers and problem solvers poised for lifelong learning.


Be part of redefining education, inspiring adaptability, and creativity in the next generation. Embrace a world of endless potential and TURN EDUCATION UPSIDE DOWN with us.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Do You Believe That LEARNING TO DO And LEARNING TO BE Is More Important Than Tests, Teachers, And Homework?

It’s Time To Help Students Take Education Back Into Their Own Hands

At Acton Academy,

We believe that each person is a hero capable of changing the world. Our mission is to find the vocation, provide the tools, and generate the momentum to be able to help. Check how Acton is transforming education in this independent, award-winning documentary.

We are transforming education.

Tune in to our featured podcast episode of Jordan Peterson with Jeff Sandefer: ‘How to Educate Your Children.’  Gain valuable insights into transforming learning and discover the power of Acton Academy Miami approach turning learning UPSIDE DOWN.

How to Enroll

We recommend taking these four steps to enroll in Acton:

Book a Call

Book an initial 15-30 minute QA call to get to know each other and schedule a Campus Tour & get a free copy of Courage to Grow as well as an info kit.

Get a Campus Tour

During our campus visit, we will show you around as well as have a more in-depth conversation about what Acton is about.

Complementary Week

We offer a complimentary week where you and your family will be able to observe and experience everything Acton has to offer.

Year Long Enrollment

If you have gone through the audition process and you believe we are the right fit, you are ready to join our tribe.

Try for free!

We understand Acton isn’t the right fit for everyone
This is why we let families attend Acton for a Free Week Trial, so we get to know each other and asses if Acton is the right choice for you and your family

What makes us different?

Our Four Pillars of Education

Core Skills

Learn To Know

Master the foundations of reading, writing, and math.

Project & Quests

Learn To Do

Hands-on projects to master the skills needed to solve real-world problems

Socratic Discussion

Learn To Learn

Hands-on projects to master the skills needed to solve real-world problems.

Servant Leadership

Learn To Be

Develop habits and character traits that make an abundant, fulfilling life.

Modern education for a modern world.
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