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We’re looking for forward-thinking families who are looking for a modern take on education.

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Our Tuition

We recommend taking these four steps to enroll in Acton:

Onsite South Miami


Full-time plan in our South Miami Campus for Heroes ages 5-13.

  • Monday through Friday 9:00am 3:00pm

  • Includes weekly enrichment classes like art and sports.

  • Monthly Quest-related Field Trips.

Hybrid Model


Designed for families looking for flexibility and the benefits of our full-time and virtual program.

  • Our hybrid model is a 3 days on-site and 2 days online program. 

  • We combine the convenience of virtual with the community experience of our on-site campus.

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Want to learn more? Let’s talk

Book a 15-30 minute QA call

Want to learn more? Let’s talk


We recommend taking these four steps to enroll in Acton:

Book a Call

Book an initial 15-30 minute QA call to get to know each other and schedule a Campus Tour & get a free copy of Courage to Grow as well as an info kit.


Get a Campus Tour

During our campus visit, we will…


Complementary Week

We believe the best way to understand Acton is to see it first-hand. So we offer a complimentary week where you and your family will be able to observe and experience everything Acton has to offer.


Year Long Enrollment

If you have gone through the audition process and you believe we are the right fit, you are ready to join our tribe.

The next step is to fill the application and bring some basic enrollment requirements within the next 30 days. We accept enrollments any time of the year.


We understand Acton isn’t the right fit for everyone

This is why we let families attend Acton for a Free Week Trial, so we get to know each other and asses if Acton is the right choice for you and your family.

What thought leaders have to say about us

Seth Godin, Author & Business Excecutive

“The first rule of Acton Academy: If a kid asks you a question, you are NOT allowed to answer them. A question I would ask an employer is if they’d rather hire someone who has practiced how to look research and solve problems for 12 years or someone who asks for instructions.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur

“This is the kind of school I wish I had as a kid, to grow up super entrepreneurial.”

Tom Van der Ark, CEO of Getting Smart

“Acton Academy is one of the most important education developments in the world. The story behind the ideas, Acton Academy, and the movement behind Courage to Grow makes it a must-read.”

Join the Unschooling Revolution

Traditional School Wasn’t Getting what our children needed For today’s world… So We Started One That does.

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