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Inspiring families to live more consciously

How can we raise independent children in a healthy environment? Why is the traditional school no longer working?

About the Workshop

This is a free webinar for parents hosted by Acton Academy Miami South’s manager, Domingo Mirabal, and Certified Parenting Coach Barabara (Barbie Jimenez).

Join Barby and Domingo as they raise questions and share their reflections on topics that pertain to children and their families; such as education, social-emotional intelligence, resilience, technology, etc. These topics and more will be explored from a lens of raising independent children in a healthy environment and how traditional schools may no longer be serving today’s children.


Talking points:

  • Children need safety and connection in order to learn not punishment and control.
  • Teaching skills to enable learning and for self-regulation are crucial over teaching facts to be memorized.
  • Learning how to be in relationship with oneself and others translates to all aspects of life
  • Understanding what interests one and being intrinsically motivated to follow that interest is natural growth.
  • Traditional schools that make everyone learn same material, at same age, in same way and focused on grades instead of strengths cannot meet the needs of the children that are at a different developmental stage or learn differently.

Meet your instructor

Barby Jimenez Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, Educator & Speaker

My name is Barbara (aka Ms. Barby) and my husband and I have two lively children, our son is 16 and our daughter is 19. After earning my Bachelors in Elementary Education and Masters in Reading Education from Florida International University, I taught Kindergarten and First grade in the public and charter school setting for eight years. When my eldest was born in 2003, I decided to be a stay at home mom. In 2009, I founded Natural Beginnings Homeschool, a home-based early childhood program incorporating nature, play, & social emotional development focused on the whole child. After running that program for eight years I felt it was time to move on to a new chapter and begin working with parents on their parenting journey.


My children were my biggest catalysts in awakening me to the need to parent differently. I was parenting with the skills I had learned as a teacher (behavior management and control) and they just weren’t working. I felt disconnected from my children and there was lots of resistance in our relationship. On my path I discovered Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s work and devoured every book and course I could and I began shifting my parenting and my self. As I became more connected to my self, my relationship with with my children also became more connected.  In 2019, I enrolled in Dr. Shefali’s Conscious Coaching Institute and graduated ready to begin to serve parents on their journey.


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