Studio Design

Studio Design

Acton Academy’s studios are a blend of the old and the new – a return to the community schoolhouses that built America – with the best of modern technology and 21st century organizational design.

In a tightly knit community bound by shared mission, promises and accountability, young people develop deep friendships and the skills to keep them for the long run.


"SPARK" — AGES 6-9

Success in Spark = Grow a unique, curious and independent spirit

Spark is an authentic Montessori environment of whole child development: cognitive, physical, emotional and social.

Children in Spark learn and discover through play and exploring natural interests. The Primary Studio also builds foundations of reading, goal setting and independent learning skills that prepare young people to soar in the Discovery Studio.


Success in Discovery = Develop a deep love of learning and kindness in relationships with others

The Elementary Studio – Discovery – builds a foundation of learning and discovery through personalized Core Skills, exploratory Quest projects and play. Core Skills – reading, writing, math and computer science – are self-paced and mastery-based using adaptive technology. Students explore the arts, sciences, history and natural world through hands-on projects each afternoon. Simulations require teamwork, critical thinking and creativity. Meanwhile, plenty of free play binds the community together and builds problem solving and collaboration. Basic reading and math skills are a requirement for joining this studio.

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Redefining the classroom: in Acton we have coworking studios. Building a discovery open space that also builds sense of belonging.

Building the generation of the future: smart AI studios, analytic reports and self-paced tech platforms, VR & 3D printing tech and multilingual support.

Disrupting education: all inclusive coworking age range studios, self-paced education with expert coaching, innovative project deliveries.

Education with purpose: building a model with a core philosophical and ethical thought, mixed arts and science.

Non-standard and disruptive but proven education system: with over 10 years and 100+ campuses worldwide.

If you’re looking for this in your son or daughter’s education: a multiple choice standard testing, a thousand student campus with classroom switches, a traditional pen-paper / blackboard model, a cafeteria, and a police guarded campus. Then Acton isn’t for you.